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827-C Pine Street
Bristol, CT 06010
Hours: 8 AM - 4 PM Mon. - Sat.; Closed Sunday
  Licensed - Fully Insured

One-Stop Dog and Cat Groomer and Pet Supply Store in Plainville

When you want to trust a professional pet groomer to oversee the pampering of your dog or cat, there's no better place than The Plainville Pet Groomer. Owner Heather Merrill and her staff have the education, experience and dedication to bring about results that make pets look better and feel special. They become our valued customers.
We offer basic and special services at The Plainville Pet Groomer. If your pet needs a haircut and shampoo, you've got it. Nail clipping and tooth polishing are available, too. If you need to make your pet look good for a show, we go the extra mile with nail polish, scarves, bows, bow ties, etc. Our mission is to meet all of your pet's grooming needs in a short turnaround time.
Some Guidelines to Follow Before You Bring Your Dog in for Grooming
We make dogs look and feel their best at The Plainville Pet Groomer
Your dog must have had a rabies shot. Please bring a certificate.
Your dog must be completely healthy.
Your dog should not have had any shots for 2 days before coming in.
You must fully disclose any history of illnesses, biting, etc.​

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